Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Pilgrim’s Morning Prayer - Prayer for September 24

Daily Prayer
September 24

A Pilgrim's Morning Prayer.

My Heavenly Father,
I thank You for Your care
Which kept me through the night.
Walk with me through this day
And please make me able
For  my everyday jobs.
You know what is ahead;
So I rest in Your hands
For there I am kept safe.
Place blessings on this day;
Only then I have hope
Of any successes.
Lord, care for the needy,
And to those who sorrow,
To the sick and dying .
Seek those lost in darkness;
Reveal Your Gospel
To every searching heart.
Renew righteous men’s souls
And give those men vision
For the need of the lost.
Holy God, of mercy,
Forgive my every sin,
And give me Your peace.
May I walk in such grace
Knowing that Your presence
Is my close companion.
At day's end may I reflect
On unsoiled conscience
Toward You and mankind.
Let me find comfort
That I came one more day
Toward my blissful home.
Worthy is the Lamb
That was for man's sin slain
To receive riches, praise,
And glory forever.


You might want to print this and read it a few times during the day and pray it in your own words. We are here on earth for only a short time and it is the only opportunity we have like this to do such service to God by so serving the people he created and loved. As we travel to the day we are taken to Heaven we should keep the hope of salvation before us and share that hope with all we meet. This poem form of prayer ends with praise to God and it is a good way to end our day and our time of prayer.

To learn more about how Jesus paid for your sins and how you may find eternal life see my other blog.

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