Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prayer for a Full Life. Prayer for March 1

Prayer for the day
March 1st

The prayer for today, March 1st, is like a poem and a meditation.

It is full of devotion and expresses that the companionship of God is the source of fullness and blessing in our lives. You can use it for contemplation meditation or as a guided prayer.

You may print a copy for your personal use.

After you read it over a few times you may want to pray this in your own words.

The expression of this prayer is that a full life is one of gratitude to God and energetic sincere service to him and others.

* * * * *

Prayer For A Full Life

Prayer for March 1st

Dear God, You are infinite Life.
You breathe life into my flesh.
In You, I find my true being.
Give me a sense of gratitude,
And reverence for Your gift of life.
Grant me joy in living each day.
Give me a sense of wonder,
For the beauty of life You give.
Be my Great Companion today,
Bless me with guidance by Your light.
May I learn to know You better
Through events I experience.
May I give the best of my mind,
And full heart to the tasks I face.
Guide my mind to good and pure thoughts,
And busy my hands with kind deeds.
Keep me from unworthy actions.
Help me see You in all I meet.
May I do no one any harm.
Teach me that happiness is found
Best in making others happy.
Let this day stand among all days
As one full of light, love, and life.
May I honestly try my best
To live this day in the spirit;
Of the example of the One
Who is the master of true life.

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I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.  
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