Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Prayer Of Trust, Prayer For January 21

Daily Prayer
January 21
This prayer is written by the poet of faith.  It is written like a poem but you can use it as a reflective prayer by slowly reading it and praying the different thoughts it presents.

You may print a copy or bookmark this page.

I hope this is a blessing to you.


A Prayer of Trust
A Prayer For January 21

Lord I know in You are no changes
And it is Your will to show yourself.
For all the days past I am thankful,
For this day I bring my praises,
And my trust for days that are coming.
I am sure that You are kind forever.
I can find You in the bright mornings,
But on black nights I sink in despair-
Yet you are the same God of mercy.
You long to show me Your good kindness.
You do not treat me as I deserve.
But You show grace when I face judgement
My heart would be taught by Your Spirit,
Who shows me who You are through Jesus;
For it is in Christ You are unveiled,
And through him we are Your children.
So I will come to You as would a child-
To God who is my friend and Father.

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