Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Prayer To Know God Better, A Prayer for June 27th

Daily Prayer
June 27
This prayer for the day of June 27 is written by a poet of faith and is written like a poem.  It is full of expressions of faith, obedience, a desire to know God and to grow in faith.

You may want to read this a few times and then pray it in your own words,

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A Prayer for June 27

I seek You O loving God;
Without You, I am lost
Helpless, and discontented.
I cannot know who I am
Unless You teach me aright
What it means to be in You.
You do not withhold Yourself
From ones eager to know You.
Let your Spirit dwell in me
To teach me about Your love,
Goodness and Your holiness.
Let me be open to You
To hear your voice speak to me
And understand Your Word.
Be my constant companion
So I will know Your good ways.
Be in control of my life
So I can bear my burdens,
Overcome my temptations,
Be unselfish in service,
Turn away from every sin,
And grow into Christ-likeness.
Help me to obey Your will,
Joyous in my allegiance,
Following Your plans for me.
Call me when I go astray,
Correct me when I rebel,
Strengthen me when discouraged;
That I may conform to Christ-
Who must increase in my life
As I myself must decrease.*

(c) Adron

* John 3:30

God wants us to know him. He is always revealing himself to us through creation, his word, the Bible, our experiences prayer, and service. When we know him he changes us to be more like Christ.

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