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A Prayer To Be Noble, April 13

Prayer for Today April 13
Prayer for the Day of April 13 is written by the Poet of  Faith and is like a poem that petitions God to give grace for nobility in heart and life.

It can be used for reflective prayer where you pray it in your own words, or for contemplation, or meditation. Or you could just read it like a poem.

you may print a copy and take it with you for fellowship prayer to the Lord during the day.

I hope it blesses your day.

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A Prayer for April 13

Oh, Heavenly Father, You are All-Good
I thank You for the protection You give.
If I sleep or am awake You guard me.
Allow no dark thoughts to enter my heart.
Help me to cease all acts that offend You;
May I flee fast away from any sin,
Exchange my selfishness for pure virtue,
May I discern the noble from the vain,
And not spend my life on unworthy dreams.
Enable me to conquer temptation.
Grant me Your measureless strength in weakness,
And Your awesome power when I am faint.
In doubt give me a vision of Your face.
Fill me of that same spirit of the Master,
He, the One, "Who went about doing good"*
May I become more thoughtful of others;
Make me tender with those who have sorrow,
Help me to be loving to the downcast,
And let me be generous to the poor.
May I be merciful to the oppressed
Grant me a kind spirit toward all men.
Make sweet and gentle the words of my mouth.
May I seek the wayward and lift his load,
If any are mournful may I bring comfort,
And help me to defend the oppressed-
To stand near-side and share their suffering.
Let my joy be good deeds done in Your name.
That God is pleased shall be my great reward.

*Acts 10:38. KJV

A little commentary: When we live for the good of others we become a better person for it. It is something we are not able to do on our own but we need the power of God's Grace and the energy of his Holy Spirit living in us. Jesus is the example of the most noble and virtuous person who ever lived. His whole life was a life of service which was most clearly seen when he sacrificed himself on the cross for our sins.

Please indulge my invention of a new word, "near-side" but I wanted to convey not just standing near and not just standing beside but both and more. It helped me keep the meter to ten beats.

If you are interested in knowing more about having God in your life follow this link: click here.

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