Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Way of The Disciple

Dear Savior, and Kind Shepherd
Lead me in Your true pathway
Of the humble disciple.
Teach me the art of living,
But I am so slow to learn.
I am tempted to follow
A map-less heart beat rhythm,
And I drift on the ice-flow
Of a god blinded age.
Be ever patient with me,
Rebuild my broken parts
Into Your perfect image.
May I sit at Your scarred  feet,
And learn Your holy lessons.
Teach me how self-sacrifice,
Meekness, and boldness,
Foster in me humility,
Fervor, boldness, and love.
Let me learn from Your life
And a live my life with You
Until my actions are Yours.
Let me gaze upon Your face
Until I am transformed
And the sheep and Shepherd
At last become as one.

By Adron '09

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