Thursday, January 24, 2013

May I Help Your Needy, a Prayer for February 19

Daily Prayer
February 19

May God Help The Needy
Prayer for February 19

Father in Heaven,Thank you for this day
May I look up to You in faith for aid.
Help me remember Your purpose for me;
The world You put me in has many needs,
You have given me gifts to meet those needs.
Give, too, the humble heart of a servant,
For serving others I truly serve You.
Free my hands that I may do acts of good.
Thank You that serving You gives me meaning.
Teach me to always do what pleases You.
Give me peace in times of difficulties,
And joy in the dark hours of trial.
Thank You for teaching me about y\Your love;
May I live out Your love's virtue today.
May I see the best that is in others,
And show kindness to all I meet this day.
Free me from pride, the heart of selfishness.
Keep me from vanity's deceitfulness.
Clear my eyes to see others as worthy
Let me be light to all those I meet.
So that they and I may give You glory.


(c) Adron Dozat

A Little commentary: I suggest one reads this a few times and then prays it in their own words, you may print it and take it with you.

The world is a needy place the answer for the need is God's people filled with his spirit obeying his command to love and serve. God loves the lost people and therefore so should we. We are his expression of love to mankind. We express this love in acts of service. If God's spirit is in us these acts will be humble and have the esteem of others at its core. It is only through God that we can truly love others.

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