Sunday, July 29, 2012

Test of Love: a Poem of Faith.

Test Of Love A Poem of Faith.

Midnight rain softly falling
Dances in night ink puddles.
How often we stand lonely
Beneath a lamp post
Watching the rain sparkle
Though cold falling light;
While In soggy cold shoes
As we wait for the blue dawn.
Will this test win St. James' crown;
"When he has stood the test,
He will receive the crown of life?*

We walk away from the hour
Like a pilot after a bad landing,
Having escaped from heaven.
Who thinks of heaven at midnight,
Or what midnight's test proves?
When was it that Job said,
"Though he slay me
Yet will I love him."**
Was it zenith noon, post meridian
Or a starless midnight?
It was at an hour outside history
Watched by eternity.
Not for the crown but for love
Endure the midnight rain
For the waiting dawn watches.


*Bible, St.James 1:12,  ** Job 13:15

(c) Adron Dozat

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