Saturday, July 28, 2012

Messenger's Call, A Poem, John 1:23

Messenger's Call
A Poem
Messenger's Call

"I am the voice of one
Crying in the wilderness..."*
The Prophet Baptizer said,
Two millennia ago.

He was in the desert
Dry and arid,
Lifeless and empty.

He still speaks today;
Calling from cities,
Pleading from suburbs,
Entreating in towns,
Streets and alleys.

The Prophet Baptizer
Would discern our desert
Barely different
From his own;
A wilderness
He would know,
A wasteland of spirit,
Arid of soul,
Empty of heart,
Lifeless of purpose.

His message
To us today
In our private empty-lands
Is the same,
"Make straight the way
Of the Lord."

(c) Adron

*Bible, Gospel of John 1:23

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