Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prayer For My Family, Prayer for April 3rd

A short prayer of the day written by the Poet of Faith for April 3rd

It is written like a poem but is devout and full of spiritual reflections and petitions which asks our Heavenly Father for guidance shelter, protection, and purpose.

Read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

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A prayer for April 3rd

I bow in Your holy presence, O God,
To thank you for the goodness and mercy
Shown to my family and my household.
I ask Your forgiveness for all our sins
Which have offended Your Holy Spirit.
I pray for grace and ask for guidance
That I may so live as to please You.
And I admit I need Your good mercy,
Help me to honor You in fear and love.
Help me to be the shepherd of this house.
Grant us the protecting care of Your arm,
Shield us from accident and danger.
Give Your blessing to our acts of service,
And prosper the honest work of our hands.
May we each know You in spirit and truth,
And may we know the joy of salvation.
Let this family honor Your design;
That our home be a haven here on earth.
One that is filled with love, joy, and laughter,
As a lighthouse pointing all heavenward.

May our home be a light pointing to heaven

A little commentary:
I hope this prayer encourages your faith.

First, we must walk in reverence and holiness with our God. There are many things we can pray for our families. I feel the most important is that we love and serve God. It is my prayer that those I love find Jesus as their Savior.

If you want to know more about finding Jesus as savior follow this link click here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem.
I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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