Saturday, July 25, 2009


The Key

Could we forge a key here on earth
that will unlock heaven,
a key to let man in?

What if it is hammered out by good deeds?
One false dead will break it.
What if it is tempered by sacrifice?
Half efforts will crack it.
Could it be shaped on the anvil of faith?
Just one doubt will melt it.
Suppose it is cast in the furnace of devotion?
Fickleness will cool it.
Will treasure given unlock heaven’s gate
The price is far too high.

Is any key forged here on earth
Sufficient for heaven:
Pure, clean, and holy?

Yes, a key has been made,
A key unlike any other,
Acceptable to God.
Smelted in a Roman forge,
Hammered by a centurion,
And put into the Savior’s hand.

(C) Adron Dozat