Thursday, January 22, 2015

All About God, A Prayer. February 21

This daily poem is written by the Poet of Faith. It is full of devotion and dedication to God. The focus is on God as an expression of the purpose of life.  Read it a few times and after you are comfortable with the thoughts then pray it in your own words.

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All About God,
A Prayer for February 21

O God Your will conquers all
And that good will comforts me.
From Your hand all blessings come.
You are wise and without fault.
It is You who alone rules.
May all men soon honor You
I can't help but enjoy You
And spend my time serving You.
No one else can redeem man
Who else pays the judgment debt
To make new life freely mine?
But what can I offer You
And how can I repay You?
I can give you worthy praise!
If good be found within me
It is by Your power there
And your grace is growing it.
I will be all about God-
Be there when doubt confronts me,
Help me find the correct way.
Let my will be solely Yours.
May my all be only You

Adron Dozat

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