Thursday, December 12, 2013

Prayer to Find Confidence in God, December 20th

Daily Prayer
December 20

My Confidence is in God
Prayer for December 20

O My Heavenly Father I come
With much gratitude stirring my heart
For Your protection over my ways.
Let Your watchfulness comfort my mind,
And Your almighty power give hope.
You bless whoever persists in faith,
Help me continue looking to You.
I know whatever trial I face
I have confidence because of You,
For You understand fully my need.
You inspire courage to go
And face another challenge of life.
When the difficult problem brings fear
Help me remember success is Yours
And that victory awaits my prayer.
May no transgression remove Your light
Or sin separate servant and Lord.
Help me dedicate myself to You
As Your worshipful child this day.


I suggest you read this a few times during the day and think it over, then pray it in your own words.

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