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Prayer For Victory Over Near Evil, Prayer For January 27

Daily Prayer
January 27
This is a prayer written by a poet. It may be read as a poem or used like a prayer. To use it as a reflective prayer read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

 You may want to print a copy and take it with you.or bookmark this page and come back during the day to meditate on it.

I hope it is a blessing in your day

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A Prayer To Overcome The Evil In Your Own Life.
Prayer For The Day Of January 27

You, God, overcame man's great foe
And made righteousness a free gift.
Bar the enemy of man's souls
From all advantage in my life.
You are mightier than he is-
By Christ's sacrifice of his blood
The great victory has been won.
Let me recognize sin's dark lies.
Give me vigilance on my guard,
And be undaunted in my prayers;
For Your promises are my hope.
Let Your character be as mine,
That unselfish acts fill my path.
May Your holiness dwell in me
So no temptation take my peace.
Give me concern for all men;
May I consider their needs
To be superior to my own.
Let me remember I must serve
And that whatever I may do
Is to represent love for God,
And to testify He is worthy.

If you would like to know more about how Jesus can give victory over sin and have eternal life see my other blog.

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