Monday, December 10, 2012

The Prayer of Good Confession. Prayer for January 11

A Prayer Of One Who Makes Good Confession
January 11th

Heavenly Father I confess You as my God.
I acknowledge that I depend on Your goodness,
I thank you for your mercy, providence and love.
I am unworthy of any of Your blessings.
I confess my sins and pray for Your forgiveness.
Thank You that Christ paid for all of my transgressions,
And that faith in him gives eternal salvation.
Let my life be a declaration of Your grace.
I guard my actions so I may always see You.
Bless my service to Your passion, my fellow man,
So that I may bring glory to Your holy name.
Let me know that You lead me with Your gentle hand.
I will steady my heart to all obedience.
May my actions speak as the loudest confession,
And show such love that others will seek God's favor;
And in coming find Jesus as their true Savor,
That they too may avow Jesus as their Master.
Help me to stand and make good my testimony.
I gladly proclaim Jesus alone is my Lord,
And wait to do so in front of those in heaven.

This poem/prayer is unusually deep I suggest one reads it a few times and then prays it out in their own words. You might print a copy for your personal use and take it with you and read it throughout the day.

This prayer is for one who is bold about telling others that God is their God and Jesus is their Lord. We can be bold in word and also bold in life, which may be the greater confession. As in all things we need God to be our helper even in obedience to him and service to others.

To learn more about making Jesus your Lord and Savor follow this link: click here.

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