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Prayer for A Radical Life, January 10

This prayer for the day of January 10 is written by a poet of faith and is a combination of poetry, prayer, and meditation. It has elements of worship, commitment and devotion to our Father and Creator.
You may want to read it a few times and after reflecting on it pray the various thoughts in words that are true to your own heart.
You may bookmark this page or print a copy for your personal use to take with you.

I hope it is a blessing to you.

A Prayer For A Radical Life
January 10th

Oh Lord God and Eternal Father,
Direct me to only think wise thoughts.
Put on my lips gracious and kind words.
Lift my hands to do saintly labor.
Teach me to treasure the gift of life.
Un-fog my vision to see the truth,
And to discern good from the evil.
May I take a stand beside justice,
And bring Your name to those in darkness.
Show me what cause I should undertake
To help my fellow man here on earth.
Show me how to be a true blessing;
First to my family, then to friends,
And to the stranger whom I should meet.
Help me to do every task with cheer.
Give me a spirit to be helpful,
Strengthen me to lift the woeful one.
Grant me the comfort of your great love,
Confidence in Your awesome power,
And joy in Your all-sufficient grace.
This day is designed by Your wisdom
Full of opportunities to give;
Let me live this day for Your good,
And so shall I live all of my days.

A little commentary: I suggest you read this a few times during the day, (you may print it for personal use), and when you are comfortable with it then pray these thoughts in your own words.
This prayer starts with a request for wise thoughts for it is in the heart and soul that a radical life begins. This prayer is about having a spiritual revolution in one's own heart. This heart revolution motivates us to actions of service to fellow man, for these are acts of worship and service to our Heavenly Father. This prayer is one of dependence on our God for power and strength to life the revolutionary life.

I hope this prayer is an encouragement to you as much as it was for me to write it down.

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