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Prayer For Strength in Decision, January 6

Daily Prayer
January 6
This is a short prayer that is written like a poem. You can pray it reflectively by reading it a few times and then praying it in your own words.

You may print a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back during the day to meditate on it.

I hope it blesses your day.

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A Prayer For Strength In Decision
January 6th

My Gracious Father in Heaven,
A thankful heart brings me to You
Through the privilege of prayer.
This hard day stretches out before me
I know not what testings may come.
I admit that I need Your strength;
I feel so insufficient
To face the trials before me.
I do not have clear vision,
I use poor judgment so often,
And my lack of wisdom traps me.
My sins have blinded me to truth,
Forgive my transgressions I pray.
I bring to You my weaknesses
And throw myself upon Your strength.
I bind myself to Your service
For in God I find liberty.
Give me grace during this trial.
Help me to resist temptation
Let me not sell You out like Judas
For comfort, wealth, ease or status.
Let me lose myself to gain You.
May my actions be a light.
Give me diligence for truth.
May I do that which is right.
I will proclaim the Lord is God,
And helps those who put trust in him.*

We often have hard decisions to make but God is waiting for us to bring these problems to him to allow him into our lives in a way that we would not be able to experience him otherwise. I tried to make the emphasis of this prayer poem one of trust in God giving himself to our solutions as we give ourselves to his mercy. We are often tempted to take the easy way and choose that which is expedient instead of doing what is best or right, we need God to give us a vision into the distant results of our choices. If we never had problems we would never look to God to lift us up out of them and never have the opportunity to have the passion to declare his power and grace.

To learn how to find God follow this link: click here.
* Hebrews 13:6, To read this Bible verse click this link: Online Parallel Bible

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