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I Serve You God, A Prayer, January 7

Daily Prayer
January 7
This prayer is written by the poet of faith and is like a poem. I suggest you read this a few times during the day, you may print a copy and take it with you. Once you are at peace with the thoughts in it pray it in your own words.

I hope it is a blessing on your day.

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I Serve You, God. A Prayer.
January 7

Almighty God, most awesome,
You have infinite power;
You rule all earth and heaven,
You are the light of mankind.
I bring to You humble thanks
For all of Your good blessings,
Truly You fill up my heart.
I praise You for Your mercy
And thank You that for providence.
I present myself to You,
A low and humble servant,
To await for Your command.
Make true my motivation,
And my devotion honest.
I am blessed by serving You
Help me to make right judgments;
Let me hear my Master's voice
Directing the way to turn.
I look to You for my care,
And protection from dangers
Against my soul and body.
Grant me such strength for today,
That I may give all my strength,
And mind, and soul to Your work.
My life is an offering.
Find pleasure in my service,
I seek not any reward-
Better than to hear you say
"Well done my faithful servant.*"

We are all serving someone be it God or ourselves or someone else. This prayer starts with praise and acknowledgment of God's sovereignty and power. The best servant knows his master best. The essence of this prayer is to be true in motivation and not to deceive yourself. It is in serving God that we are blessed. God gives us meaning and purpose he gives us work to do in his name and then rewards us for doing it.

To find out more about how to know God and serve him follow this link: click here.

Matthew 25:23 to read the whole verse follow this link: Online Parallel Bible.

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I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.  
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