Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Prayer For Faith, Prayer for January 20

Prayer for January 20
I suggest you read this a few times and when you are comfortable with the thoughts then pray it in your own words.

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A Prayer For Faith
For January 20

Oh Lord, my God, increase my faith,
For by it I can move mountains.
Give me an immovable faith,
In the dark let it light my way;
May I keep it as my shield-
A defense against the dark foe.
By faith may I obey you;
Let it deliver me from fear,
And free me from anxiety.
May it teach me the way of life.
Let it give me power to love.
May faith empower my actions
To kindness in words and in deeds.
Let it hold me up in sorrow,
Steady me in times of testing,
And keep me humble when praised.
May it give zest to my toil,
And goodness to my character.
Let faith gives voice to my prayer,
And give me vision for heaven.
Let faith be my true companion
Through my pilgrimage here on earth
Giving comfort that You are near.
By true faith, I will walk with God,
And we will talk as friend to friend.

A little Commentary:
I could have used a lot of other words for faith like trust, assurance, belief, and confidence but the faith I speak of is unique here to the active relationship with God.

If you want to know more about how to have a faith relationship with God follow this link: The Gospel.

1 Mark 11:23 to read this verse click on this link: Online Parallel Bible
2 Ephesians 6:16 to read this verse click on this link: Online Parallel Bible.

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