Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prayer to Overcome Worry, Prayer for December 4

Daily Prayer
December 4
This prayer for the day is written by a poet and may be read as a poem or reflected on for meditation or used as a responsive prayer. You should read this a few times and then pray it to God in your own words.

You may print it if you like and take it with you today, after you have a sense of what it says pray it in your own words.


Prayer To Overcome Worry.
For December 4th

Lord Jesus, You are confidence.
Thank you for Your presence today.
I bless You, all-seeing Savior,
You understand my every fear.
Help my struggle against this sin.
Teach me how it destroys my life,
I face temptation on all sides.
Keep doubts from entering my heart.
Worries make me forget Your care.
Fear robs me of Your promises.
Oh, Lord, in Your mercy help me.
Give me grace to see you by faith.
Help me to cast aside my cares,
And to trust You like a child.
Forgive me where I have failed
Because Your blood paid for my sin.
Fill me with faith in my Savior.
And confidence in His power.

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(c) Adron Dozat

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