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A Prayer Of Preparation December 17

Daily Prayer
December 17
This is written by a poet of faith and can be read as a poem, used as a guided meditation or used to pray reflectively.

I suggest one reads this a few times until you feel comfortable with it and then pray it in your own words, (you may print a copy for your personal use).

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A Prayer of Preparation.
Prayer for December 17

Almighty and most merciful One,
In humbleness I bow before You;
In awe of Your power and Your love,
Thankful for Your gifts and compassion,
Dependent on Your care and mercy.
Merciful Father, forgive my sins,
They are many and cause me ruin.
Protect me from temptation today.
In Your wisdom guide my ways aright,
Be the success of all that I do.
Bless the fruit of my daily labor.
Lift my eyes above this passing earth,
To see beyond this near horizon;
And to work for Your greater kingdom.
Show me where I may do some kind act-
A deed to grace the name of Jesus.
May Your spirit prove fruitful in me,
Filling me with faith, hope, and love-
To bless my service unto You.

This is a general prayer for an average day. Every day we should humble ourselves before God we always need his help and power. We always should be thankful for his gifts. We need to keep our eyes not on this world but the kingdom we serve. We must be careful not to sin but seek his forgiveness when we do.  We must receive the Holy Spirit's work of bringing fruit in our lives and all this leads us to the point where we can serve him and be of service to others.

To learn more about coming to God follow this link:  click here.

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