Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayer For Family. December 12

Daily Prayer
December 12

A Prayer For My Family

We praise You for You are the Heavenly Father,
Who in divine wisdom ordained this family.
Thank You for binding this family together.
Thank You for the sweet love that has formed it,
And thank you that Your awesome power sustains it.
We bless You for our mother's travail and love,
And for our father's diligent faithful toil.
We ask you, Lord, take Your place as head of this home.
Watch over these loved ones with grace and mercy.
Meld us as one by our common joys and sorrows.
Let none become estranged by distance or offense.
Help us each to lift up one another's burdens.
Forgive our transgressions, and from folly guard us.
Give us our daily bread and strength for each day's task.
May all memories of this home be sweet and dear.
We commit every one of us into Your hands.
May the next generation know their father's God,
And give faithful service to the Lord all their days.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, this family's king.


A little commentary: I suggest you read this prayer a few times and after you feel agreeable to it then pray it in your own words.  You may print it and take it with you.

Family starts with God the Father of families. His son died on the cross to pay for our sins so we may be included in the divine family by faith in Jesus. God brings families together and he is the ultimate focus and purpose of family. The family is a testimony of the love and mercy of God. If you want to know more about becoming a child of God follow this link click here.

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