Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fill Me With The Holy Spirit. Prayer For December 1st

Daily Prayer
December 1
This prayer of the day is written by a poet of faith and may be used for reflection, prayer or meditation. I suggest you might want to print this and read it over a few times until you are comfortable with it, then pray it in your own words.

You are welcome to print this for your personal use, or bookmark this page so you can find it again.


Fill Me With The Holy Spirit.

O Lord, I acknowledge you as my True Lord,
How excellent is Your name in all the earth.
How rich are you provisions to all mankind.
I bow and humbly give thanks to You, O God,
You are the Father of my Savior Jesus Christ,
Who has revealed our great love to sinners;
Through Whom I have become your child of faith,
And have received the forgiveness of my sins.
Continue to show Your loving favors to me.
Let me live in the power of the Spirit.
Keep me from sin so that I do not grieve him.
Enable the Holy Spirit as my guide;
May he lead me each day into every truth.
May he comfort in the time of sorrow.
May he give me strength whenever I am weak.
May he raise me up if I fall by the way.
May he interpret your Holy Word to me.
May he lead me in the fellowship of prayer.
May he enable me to do Your good will,
And fill my days with joy and gladness of heart.

A little commentary:
The Holy Spirit is given as a gift as part of the gift of salvation to those who have received Jesus as their savior. He leads us in the spiritual walk that is foreign to our natural minds.

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