Monday, October 8, 2012

Prayer To Be Of Service, Prayer for October 14

Daily Prayer for October 14
This prayer-poem is inspirational gives guiding thoughts for the day.
It can be read as a poem or used as a guided prayer.

I suggest you read this a few times, maybe even printing it out for reading during the day; as you read it put the various thoughts in your own words and pray them to God.

I hope it blesses your day.

* * * * *

A Prayer For October 14,
A Prayer To Be Of Service

Heavenly Father, You are my rock,
The strength of all who trust You,
Be present with me each day I pray,
Uphold my hands and guide my vision,
So I may give You my best service.
You understand all my weaknesses,
And remember that I am but dust
Give me Your strength for when I am faint.
Let me never fear to do Your will.
Each day brings temptations and choices
Make me ready to meet each bravely
With clear faith in Your watchful grace
And earnest trust in Your wise purpose.
Help me to go about every task,
With my thoughts pure and words gracious.
May I give myself in helpfulness
To any of those with whom I meet.
Help me to make someone happier
By a kind word said or a deed;
So when the day ends I may have joy
Having done service to the world.
Bless my sacrifices for others;
Count them as service unto You, Lord.
Grant me the strength to carry the cross,
And follow in Christ humble footsteps,
In whose name I offer this prayer.

A little commentary There are many ways to be of service here I focus on serving God by serving those that he loves, sinners for whom He sent his one and only son to die for. Service of actions must begin in the heart we need to guard our hearts against impure motives and blurred vision. Serving God will always bring us to face our weakness; he is the source of strength that we draw from when we serve him.

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Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer/poem. I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.  See the left sidebar for my most popular ones.
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