Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prayer For My Future, October 18

Daily Prayer
October 18 
This is a prayer/poem written by a poet of faith and can be read as a poem or used in reflective prayer.

I suggest you read this through a few times and maybe even print it out then after you feel comfortable with the thoughts pray this in your own words.

I hope it blesses your day.


May God Bless My Future
Prayer for October 18

Infinite Father, You are my life, light and future,
You are my hope and You alone are my redemption.
I have tried the world and found its promise empty;
You are eager to fill my soul with truth and mercy.
When I think about You I find a song in my heart;
For the blessing of knowing You is beyond measure.
Thank You for the fruitfulness of these present days
For opportunities for improvement and service,
I thank You for the days to come which You have planned
And filled with sacred stores for my spiritual blessing,
Hidden delights, and experiences for my growth.
May each day I do my part to advance Your kingdom,
And bring grace without boundaries unto all your children.
Let not my folly baffle Your plans for good to me,
Or by rebellion to thwart the light of Your love,
And wander wretchedly from the good way of Jesus.
Help me to seek You each morning for daily guidance.
Show me my stains so I may come to You for cleansing.
Strip away my petty shams and fortify my heart.
By Your compassion fulfill the work of Christ in me,
Through the riches of grace in Christ Jesus my Savior.


A little commentary:
Our future is already planned by a loving God who has our best in his heart. We do best to seek not our own plans for the future but to search His plans for us and to fulfill His purposes for our best.  He has prepared blessings and testings for us but all for our good.

To learn more about knowing God and spending eternity with him follow this link: click here.

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