Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Prayer Unto the Sovereign God, Prayer for May 21

Daily Prayer for May 21
This daily prayer for May 21 is written by the poet of faith and is composed like a freestyle poem.  You will want to read it a few times reflectively and then pray it in your own words.

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Prayer for May 21

Almighty God and Heavenly Father;
I come in prayer as Your unworthy child,
A child who is lowly in mind and heart.
Accept this prayer and humble thanksgiving.
Forgive the wrongs I have done against You;
Transgressions of thought, of word, and of deed-
May I grieve for them in godly sorrow,
And turn from them out of true conviction.
Give Your blessing on my efforts for good,
And provide the needs for soul and body.
Let Your Holy Spirit fill and guide me.
Command Your angels to guard me in peace.
Into Your hands O God I place my life,
Be it good or ill I will trust You there.
Help me fulfill my duties and callings
With true confidence of mind and body,
Doing all things well as if in Your name.
My Heavenly Father, I give You thanks
For all of Your many and great blessings,
And Your mercies to me and all mankind-
Given freely through Jesus Christ our Lord,
Who with the Father and the Holy Ghost lives
And reigns forever one God without end.

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