Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Prayer For Blessing, October 19

A Prayer For Blessing.
A Prayer For October 19

Father in Heaven, God of all blessing.
I bless You that You are forever near.
Thank You for Your faithful protecting care
Thank You for Your mercy when I stumble.
And Your grace is sufficient to hold me.
I rejoice in material comforts,
And the blessings You have given to me;
I recognize Your hand in what is good.
Forgive my sins through the blood of Jesus.
Give to me Your mercy and forbearance.
Make me to grow in purity and truth.
Let me do my tasks in the fear of God,
And with a sense of Your presence with me.
I pray that You will bless me in my work,
And may I work for Your kingdom to come,
When good will, righteousness, and peace reigns.
And when the evening falls may I find rest
Confident in You who does not slumber.


I suggest you read this a few times and then pray it in your own words. You can print this and take it with you.
There is nothing wrong or selfish to ask God to bless us. He desires to bless us. Often we rob ourselves by not asking. Some of our blessings are lost to us because of rebellion and sin; we must examine our lives to see if there is anything we need to turn from. The ultimate blessing is God himself in our lives. Put him first and all the best will come.

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