Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jesus A Friend True, A Christian Poem

In Jesus I find a friend so true,
To me he is everything;
For he has given me life anew-
Of his great love will I sing.

He is the dawn's light to my soul
For my fulfillment he is the key
By his blood I have been made whole
And from sin he has set me free.

All my sorrows he gently bears
My sin's guilt he has taken.
He is the fortress for my fears
And my rock never shaken.

He is the friend who will never leave
No matter how dark the hour.
To my side he will ever cleave
Just his name makes demons cower.

He gives a love that cannot end;
I rejoice in hearing his call.
He is more than just a best friend;
I am his, but he is my all.

Adron Dozat

Thank you for taking a moment to visit. I hope you enjoyed this poem and are encouraged by it as much as I was in writing it.

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