Monday, August 6, 2012

Joyfully To Praise God, A Poem of Worship

Joyfully To Praise God

I praise God who rules from heaven above,
Who commands each atom of creation;
Greater than that He is the God of love,
And yet He is the Lord of Salvation.

I praise God, He is my maker- and more,
He has shown me mercy for all my wrongs;
He is a God I can't help but adore,
I gladly sing to Him my praiseful songs.

I praise my Lord for He is always near,
I call on my God when in distress;
Because of His great love I shall not fear-
A love that will never cool nor grows less.

I praise my God, who all my longing fills,
In his kingdom He gives me a good place.
All of my anxious doubts He gently stills.
Sweet joy of heaven this is just a taste!

I worship God as joyfully I go,
With voice out loud or just in silent praise;
Be it on hill top high or valley low,
I will worship Him all my earthly days.

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(c) Adron Dozat