Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wells of Mercy, A Christian Poem

Wells Of Mercy

How deep is God's well of mercy?
Is there enough to bridle God's wrath;
Against my sins vast as the sea,
So numberless far beyond man's math?

I have turned my back to His grace,
To His gentle call, I closed my ears,
I have snubbed Him to his face,
And so grieved Him through endless dry years.

Jesus, I call on You to save.
I now kneel low before Your feet.
To know Your love is what I crave,
But your pardon I first come to seek,

This vain selfish life I lament.
My heart of dark sin I so deplore.
Help me Lord to truly repent,
And give myself to you evermore.

Mercy enough- I find it's true!
His love covers like an ocean swell.
He cleanses sin and makes anew,
God's grace is like a bottomless well.


To learn more about finding God's love and mercy follow this link: click here.

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