Monday, July 23, 2012

This Is A Day The Lord Has Made. A Christian Poem

This short poem is written by the Poet of Faith.  It is written in rhyme and celebrates the blessing of having another day to live and serve God.

* * * * *

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made.

This "today" is a day the Lord has made.
From dawn to dusk is all His good design.
Let us give thanks to our God and be glad
And let us our will to His plan resign.

He has woven this day with bright blessings,
And balanced it with moments of sweet rest.
He has ordained the times of faith's testings
With loving kindness, He pursues our best.

Many dawns we may see- they are countless;
Although their end sum will pass too briefly,
Every detail of each day is dauntless-
Let's fully live this one day completely.

This day- let's serve Him risen from the dead;
Who by his blood Satan's empire fell.
We have a task- Jesus' true light to spread
Hallelujah! Let us this good news tell.

May today finish with praise to our King;
God who sent His only and precious son.
Of the Holy Lamb that was slain, we'll sing,
As do the angles who surround his throne.

Bless the Lord, for one day our name He calls.
"Well done faithful servant," we'll hear Him say,
"Come to the Lamb's feast in heavenly halls,
Enjoy blessing in this unending day."


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