Sunday, July 8, 2012

Prayer Of A Parent. Prayer for July 8

Daily Prayer
July 8
The prayer of the day of July 8 is written by a poet of faith and is a prayer that is like a poem.  It asks God's help in being a faithful parent.

It is more of a guided prayer so you will want to read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

You may print a copy and take it with you or you may want to bookmark this page and come back during the day and reflect on it.

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Prayer for July 8

Dear Father, I thank You for this day before me.
Its light awoke me with gladness and gratitude;
Help me to be grateful and worthy of Your gift,
O Lord, I am thankful above all for this household;
Through its ministry may I better understand You.
What I am to my little ones You are to me;
And what my children are to me, I am to You.
To think of it love sweeps through me like the summer.
Thank you that I may know the joy of Your favor,
And that I feel the comfort of Your care.
In fatherly parenthood, You come close to me
And like a child, I always draw close to You.
Put Your blessing on my children and those I love,
Make each of us worthy of love and confidence;
For receiving from God we may give to others.
I mourn and grieve for my harsh words and unkind acts,
Even as I am sorry for my many faults.
Please forgive every transgression both large and small,
For every indifference and sin is against You.
Give me wisdom to love and shepherd these- Your lambs.
Watch over this family and keep us today.
Fill us with Your blessing and your abundant grace
Not because we are more deserving than others,
But because Jesus is the true head of our house,
And may each member faithfully serve him always.

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