Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Prayer For Guidance A Prayer for February 28

Prayer for the day
February 28
This short prayer of humility and dependence is like a poem.  It asks God to guide and to protect from error and ends with a declaration of devotion.

Read it a few times and then offer it to Our Heavenly father in your own words.

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A Prayer For Guidance
For February 28

Our Father, who rules all heaven,
You control all earthly events;
I am Your dependent child
Look upon me with Your favor.
I join those who bring You worship
And thank You for all Your blessings,
I treasure Your care so tender.
You have designed the road I tread,
And have walked it ahead of me.
Lead me by Your wise counsel.
Guard me lest I start to wander.
Make clear which path that I should take.
Let Your light shine in my thinking.
Guide me to choose that which is right.
Help me to speak the fitting word;
Give me Your strength when I'm tempted,
Cleanse my heart from self-importance.
Free me from each impure motive.
May I bear Your name before men,
And bring no shame onto Your cause.
Let my ways be guided by love,
May I strive to show compassion.
In joy- or want- You are my God.
I dedicate my life to You,
And to the service of Your cause.
Through Jesus Christ my loving Lord.

A little commentary:
You may print this poem-prayer for your personal use. All of our ways both subjective and objective are known by the Lord. He does not tempt us, the temptations we face are from other sources such as our own sinful natures, the world, and satin. We look to the Lord for guidance and find his counsel in his written Word, the Bible; and any subjective feelings must be measured by that same Living Word.The decisions we face are often hard but must still stand the test of whether our choices meet God's approval, and we do well to use love of God and others as a guide. God is willing to guide us in our decisions.

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