Friday, February 24, 2012

Adoration Prayer From One Who Depends on God. A Prayer for March 11

Daily Prayer
March 11
This is a short prayer of worship that is written like a poem. It has many statements of faith in God and love for God then declares dependence on God.

Adoration Prayer,
From One Who Depends On God.

Dear Lord, My Friend and Eternal Savior;
I am your child and I come before You,
I look on Your face in adoration-
Wondrous is the love You have for me.
You wait for me to draw closer to You.
Without You my life would have no center.
I find my peace only in Your presence,
And true happiness is in serving You.
I'm blessed to know that You are with me.
My heart finds its gladness in Your presence.
Let the sunshine of Your face clear all gloom.
I sing in the joy brought by Your spirit.
Help me to love others as You love me,
To be gentle, selfless and forgiving.
When I face troubles bring peace to my heart.
Grant me victory when I am tempted.
When I am sick embrace me in Your arms;
When I stray, O Dear Shepherd, search for me,
And bring me back to joyous fellowship.
Guide my thoughts to be wise, pure and holy,
So my actions will be pleasing to You.
No harm can befall me without Your will.
Daily help me to become more like You.
Hear my prayer Dear Christ for Your own name sake.


(c) Adron Dozat

A little commentary; Read this prayer a few times and pray its themes in your own words. The first half of this prayer expresses worship and adoration, the second half gives expression to dependence on the God we love.

We are Children of the Heavenly Father but while we know in our minds it is so our lives say otherwise. Children are dependent and trust their parents and we need to have that same attitude with our Father in heaven. We wander away from much blessing and good in our lives by having a stiff necked self-seeking approach when we really need to take time and look in the face of Jesus who loves us. We depend on God even if we don't admit it- we depend on him for every breath we take and every meal we eat and each morning we see.

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