Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Prayer for Daily Light, A Prayer For February 16

Prayer For Daily Light.
Prayer for February 16

O, Heavenly Father, I thank you
For bringing me before a new day.
As I face its opportunities
I pray for guidance, wisdom, and love.
You draw a shroud over human eyes
To obscure what each day will bring forth,
As I enter the fog of this day
I ask for your clear light to guide me.
I don't know what evils I shall meet
Or what duties shall require me,
What temptations may stumble me,
What sloughs of despair may await me;
Yet I know that with your divine help
I will stand as victor before all-
But only through Jesus who loves me,
Keep me, as I wander this world;
It is so dark and far from your light.
Be my understanding and comfort.
Give to me your wisdom for the day.
Help me to put away every sin.
Give me a right spirit to all men.
Give me your power to serve others.
May I do good to those who I meet,
And forgive any who offend me.
May I work only for your kingdom
And hasten the day of its coming.
In Jesus name please hear this prayer.

I hope you are blessed by this prayer. I suggest one meditates on it for a while and then pray the thoughts in your own words.You may print a copy and take it with you or bookmark this page and come back during the day.

We do not know what a day may bring but we do know we need God's guidance to show us the way. We all have many different challenges but through Jesus, we can overcome. All our days have a purpose that has been predetermined by God. We know from the Bible that we were made for God's pleasure and glory so our purpose is fulfilled when we are focused on accomplishing things that glorify God, yet even so we still need his help to serve him.

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