Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prayer For The Worker, a Prayer for Oct 24

Daily Prayer
October 24
This prayer for the day of October 24 was written by the Poet of Faith and is a meditation for a prayer. One should read it a few times and then pray the thoughts in your own words.

Feel free to make a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back.

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A Prayer For The Worker
Prayer for October 24

Father, thank You for Your rich blessings
And Your steady kindness toward me.
Each morning gives hope of success.
I want to start this day right with You,
Let me sense Your nearness and guidance.
Give me firmness in times of testing,
When I may find you there at my side.
May I walk in the path of Your will;
Knowing Your designs are for my good.
May Your wise purpose always guide me.
Let me not yield to temptation.
Give me solid resolve to do right,
Lend me strength for today's duties.
Guide me in school, home, and in business.
Bless the work and toil of this day,
That I may serve others as You would.
Prosper me in the fruit of my work.
Let me use my gains to bless others.
May Your Spirit be felt in my home,
And make it a refuge from toil.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem.
I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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