Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Prayer to Carry God's Light, a prayer for October 10

Daily Prayer
October 10
A prayer for the day, written by the poet of faith, it is written like a poem but may be used as a reflective prayer.
You may want to read this a few times and then pray it in your own words.
You may print a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back.
I hope it blesses your day.


A Prayer To Carry God's Light
A Prayer for October 10

Oh, Lord God, give ear to my morning prayer.
May I come closer to Christ-like character.
Direct me in every thought action and deed,
That I may show Jesus' love to those I meet.
Forbid that I should pass a chance to do good.
Help me to be a living statement for You.
Bless those who are my foes for any reason.
Bring them into the light of Your salvation.
Shower them with compassion blessing and mercy.
Tear down the dark realms which blind men's souls to truth.
May the gospel message of Your love sing out;
In notes more clear and pure than ever before,
And let the sunshine of truth enter all hearts.
May Your gospel bring cheer to those in darkness,
And hope to those who despair of finding help.
I commit myself to Your divine service.
I will lift the burdens of the downtrodden,
And work for the building up of your kingdom.
May I faithfully bear Your banner of light.
And guide others toward You in this dark age.
Bring me safely through today's dangers and tests;
Firm in Your victory to this day's last glow,
And for all of the days that You give me breath.

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