Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morning Glories, a Poem

Morning Glories
A Poem
This is a short and sweet poem written in freestyle. It expressed gratitude to God for one of His little blessings on the path through this day.

I hope it gives you a little blessing today.

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Morning Glories
A Poem

Morning Glory illustrating a poem

Lord God, I give you thanks,
For there in my garden
Grow Morning Glories.
Blue, violet, and scarlet
Splashes of bright colors
Blooming for mere hours-
Frail velvet until
They wilt like discarded
Wet limp tissue.

Lord God, please remind me
Every morning to go
Outside and be witness
Of this visual praise.
Such poor curators we
Who let gifts from Your hand
Pass by us un-mourned,

Lord God, You plant blessings,
Help me learn this habit
To start each day looking
For Your hand made beauties;
Lest I let some other
Small wonders drift away
Without veneration,
Or a "Thank You."

Illustration of Morning Glories for a poem
Morning Glories, a Poem by Adron Dozat

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