Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Prayer of a Submissive Heart A Prayer for April 27th

Prayer for today April 27
A prayer for the day of April 27th is written by the poet of faith and is written like a short devotional poem in free verse. Read it a few times and then pray it in your own words.

I suggest that you read it a few times and meditatie on it until you can peacefully put it in your own terms.

Feel free to print a copy or bookmark this page so you can come back.

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Prayer for April 27th.

Almighty God I worship you
And give heartfelt praise to Your name.
I thank You that through Jesus Christ,
My Savior, my Friend, and Sovereign,
You have now become my Father,
I ask that I feel your presence
As I go through this gift of today.
Help me to trust You more each day.
Help me submit all things to You,
Please accompany me this day,
So today may be full of You
And a step nearer to heaven.
In my going forth be my light
And be my guide and my defense.
Give me grace I need for today.
Though You send the days as You will;
Temper days of darkens and storm,
With the days of brightness and peace.
I give myself into Your hand,
To be instructed, and guided;
May You fulfill Your will for me,
Just as it is done in heaven.
Make my life a song of Your praise,
For You are the joy of my soul
Through grace in Christ Jesus my Lord.

A little commentary. 
In our independence driven age we feel offended and frightened by the idea of submitting to authority. We will grow in submission to our loving God when we grow closer to him because as we grow to know him we will desire to submit to him and obey. Submitting to God is a source of blessing and joy. Submission to God starts with giving ourselves to God in devotion then we can give our actions to him.

To learn more about how you can have peace with God follow this link: click here. 

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my prayer-poem.
I hope you were inspired by it and that it is a blessing on your day.
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