Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dishes a Poem
This is a short freestyle poem that looks at a time of chores and reflects on another meaning in the chores. It is ultimately a thankful poem. I hope you enjoy it.

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A poem Of Thankfulness

I will forever wonder, Lord
how a family of six people
can have fifteen dirty dishes
in the sink by four o’clock.
I washed ten earlier today,
and a dozen at breakfast.
So, now here I am once more,
I have to scrape, scrub, and wash
them up all over again.

Forgive my complaining
Lord, I really don’t mean to.
I know I should be thankful.
Because dirty dishes mean
we served food on them today,
when so many others did not.
We have soap and water to wash with
and a clean sink to do it in, when
so many of your children do not.

Lord, forgive me for forgetting
the blessing of dirty dishes.

Published 2006 in the Shepard


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(C) Adron Dozat 7/25/09