Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Prayer for March 21 A Prayer For The Power of Forgiveness In Me

Prayer for the Day of March 21 is written as a poem but is full of inspiration and truths. I suggest you read this prayer a few times and then pray it in your own words. You may print a copy and take it with you to reflect on during the day.

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A prayer For The Power Of Forgiveness In Me
A prayer for March 21

Help me, Father, to draw near as Your child.
Give me a deep desire to seek Your face.
Remove the barriers that keep me from You,
For not one of my sins are hidden from You.
Be merciful and forgive my transgressions.
Cleanse my heart by the power of Your Spirit,
Free me from sin that I may better love You,
And I will rejoice in Your loving mercy.
And magnify Your Holy Name.
May I live the truth that I am dead to sin,
And by Christ made alive unto righteousness.
I have been forgiven much, so help me respond
By forgiving those who have wrongs against me.
May I live solely for service of others,
Doing good by the power of Your Spirit.
Let me be a blessing to those who struggle,
And act as You would- in love toward all men;
Showing mercy without favoritism,
And not judging by rank or station in life.
Help me keep my eyes on the heavenly goal
Of introducing Your mercy to others.
May I hold the wavering hand of my brother
As I reach for the scarred hand of my Lord.

(c) Adron Dozat

A little Commentary:  This prayer is full of truths. We all need to be forgiven and we must thereafter become people who forgive. We start with our dependency on God and going right into the need to seek God to become more intimate with him. We must be sensitive to those things that keep us from God, call them sin or whatever we have to deal with them effectively in order to open the power of forgiveness in our lives. We all need to make confession and accept God's forgiveness. We should be humble before God. We need to be forgiving and have a servant attitude, and to love. Our lives should be holding God's hand in one of ours and reaching out to other people with our other hand.

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