Thursday, March 17, 2011

His Banner Over Me is Love, A Poem

His Banner is Love
A poem

His Banner Over Me Is Love

Peace may give way and you struggle through a season,
And find yourself fighting hard in a battle ever so hot.
You would look up to search for the banner of your legion;
That hopeful pennant, where victory may triumph at that spot.

In battle's fury, a banner would be lifted high.
It would be the place for the weary troops to rally;
To find safety from sword stroke, lance thrust, and arrow fly,
There one will stand with brother against death's tally.

Our foes are not marshaled by a man we are told,
But are of principalities and powers spiritual;
The world, the flesh, and every sin finding hold-
Trying to make defeat's empty shadow virtual.

Defeat looms nearby and you feel that all is loss.
Look up and see that emblem flying firm above.
Not a flag made of cloth, but a blood-stained wood cross.
In joy, you may proclaim, "The banner over me is love!"

This banner of God's love overshadows any fear.
Our defeats are not too great for His love to cover,
Forgiveness, compassion, grace, and goodness await there-
Sure beneath the banner higher than any other.

(c) Adron Dozat

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