Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Prayer for March 4, A Prayer for God to Empower His Servants

Daily Prayer
March 4

The prayer for today, March 4th is both like a poem and a prayer. 

It is full of devotion and expresses humility and service to God.

The expression of this prayer is that a full life is one of service to God and that our service proclaims The Gospel by acts of charity and kindness.

You may print a copy for your personal use.

After you are comfortable with the words you may want to pray this in your own words or let it be a guide for your personal prayer.

May reflecting on this prayer/poem bless your day.

* * * * *

A Prayer for Empowerment
A Prayer For The Day of March 4

Lord, You are The "Resurrection and The Life,"
Revive me by Your resurrection.
And grant me to live a life devoted to You.
Fill me with the power of Your Spirit
And renewal so I may celebrate Your gift of life.
Lift up my mind to high and pure thoughts.
Show me those things that quench Your spirit,
So I may repent and turn back to You.
Teach me to pray with true fervor.
May I hear Your Spirit speak through Your Word.
May all of my actions proclaim Your love.
May I tell how Your resurrection brings hope,
And not be ashamed to call Jesus mine.
May I follow Your way of humble love,
Holy service and sincere forgiveness;
And give myself to serve Your children.
May I work beside any who love Your Truth,
And bring Your light to this dark world.
Fill me with Your strength to face each day,
And bear up those who may have fallen.
May I do good only in Jesus' name-
And never seek for my own glory.

"I am the resurrection and the life, the one who believes in me will live even though they die." John 11:25.

To learn more about how to find God follow this link: click here. 

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