Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer To Be At Peace With My Neighbor

Prayer for peace 

Prayer To Be At Peace With My Neighbor

Lord, to live faith these days is not so simple,
it is hard to be at peace with everyone.
Though I know Jesus is my true example
(What wonder- God sacrificed His only son!)

Watch over me, Lord, as I go through my day.
Protect me from my own stupid selfish need
to be right or to have everything my way;
I confess this sin of emotional greed.

When I face someone who is not fair or just,
Give me only wise words that are heaven's choice;
Or, give me the gift of silence if you must,
so I may hear the prompt of your still small voice.

"Do not repay evil for evil."* You said.
Forgiving is hard- I would rather repay.
If I could just allow my heart to be lead
by your spirit to put pride and self away.

Dear Lord, give my heart a dove-like tenderness
to see through evil with angelic vision;
to ask, "Is this soul enslaved by wickedness?"
If so I must make their freedom my mission.

Grant me a willing heart and thoughts that are clear
to do what is right- whatever it may be.
Actions are the telling that others may hear
saying, "Jesus, the prince of peace, lives in me."


* Romans 12:17

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