Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Prayer of a Heart During Trial. A Prayer for March 6

Daily Prayer
March  6

This is a short prayer that will give comfort and inspire those who are going through difficult times. It gives focus on God our helper and our strength.

A Prayer for the Heart During Trial.

Dear God, You shine the very dawn's light during my testing
Comfort me as I stumble solo through paths of grim shadows.
Teach me the trust of God which delivers from dreadful fear.
I confess that my faith in You has frequently faltered,
And I trusted in my own schemes instead of Your wisdom.
I regret that I have relied on my own weak efforts.
You have promised that the joy of the Lord shall be my strength.*
Teach me of the power of walking with You in purity,
And forgive my arrogant sin of doubting of Your love.
May I not worry- but be conscious of Your companionship
Guide me gently through another painful experience.
Grant me the heavenly peace of Christ in my anxious heart,
And lend courage and endurance for today's darkest test.
Renew and refresh me through faith to rest in Your grace
And prepare me to receive the fullness of Your blessing.
Lead me, to the green pastures and beside the still waters,
That my spirit may be restored at the well of Your Love;
For because of this test I will serve You more worthily
And to bring You glory in the name Of Jesus Christ.


*Nehemiah 8:10

A little commentary: I suggest one reads this a few times and after they are comfortable with what it says then pray it in your own words. You may print a copy to take with you or bookmark this page and come back during the day.

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