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Prayer for Feb 17 The Prayer of The Everyday Disciple

Daily Prayer
February 17

The Prayer of The Everyday Disciple
Prayer for February 17

Heavenly Father of Creation,
My God who alone saves sinners;
I come before You as Your child,
To bring the sacrifice of praise,
And the worship of thanksgiving.
You alone are my Creator.
Your love is the light of my life.
Your grace is the strength of my heart.
Keep me from forgetting Your love,
And Your righteous claims upon me.
May I welcome my daily task
And do all my work in Your sight.
May I face my troubles boldly,
And bear my burdens joyfully,
Being careful to redeem the time,
Knowing that the days are evil.
Help me to resist temptation,
Especially those in my thoughts
And in my imagination.
Give me power to oppose sin,
Grant me peace about tomorrow,
And fill me with the conviction
That all things work together
For the good for those that love you.*
May I have a heart made mature
By your kind loving discipline.
Prepare me to do any service
To show my love for my Savior.
Fill me with the mind of Jesus.
Awake me, that I may seek first
Your kingdom and Your righteousness.**
May I understand Your good will,
And know that Your best awaits me.
In Jesus, my Lord's name, Amen.

A little commentary: I suggest that you read this a few times and once you are comfortable that you pray it in your own words. (You may print a copy to take with you or bookmark this page and come back and reflect on it..) Being a disciple of Jesus is to adopt his lifestyle and make him relevant to you and the world around you.

*Romans 8:28. Click this link to read this verse Romans 8:28.
** Matthew 6:23. Click this link to read this verse: Matthew 6:33

To learn more about coming to Jesus as savor click here.

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