Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Prayer for November 13 - The Penitent Disciple

Daily Prayer
November 13
This is a  prayer for the day of November 13. It is written by a poet of faith and written like a poem but can be used as a reflective prayer where one would read it a few times and then pray the different thoughts in your own words. You may use this for contemplation.

You may make a copy or bookmark this page and come back to it during the day.

I hope you are blessed by it.

* * * * *

The Penitent Disciple
A Prayer for November 13

All Gracious Lord, my True Father in Heaven,
I bless You for every single day
That my lowly life has highly been lifted
By the knowledge of the Gospel.
Thank You that Jesus opened my eyes to God
And revealed my own sin to me;
Until I cried out for gracious pardon,
And found forgiveness at the cross.
Oh Lord, I have tried to do Your holy will,
But I have failed so many times.
Now I come before you confessing my sins
And find forgiveness by Jesus' blood.
May I give patient thought to my willful self
And my nature to jump into sin,
Grant me the heart to be humble before you;
Help me repent, resolve and renew.
Fill me anew with Your sweet Holy Spirit,
So that I may delight in Your ways,
And enable me in my daily going
To proclaim the Gospel of Christ's love.
May I carry the name of Jesus with me
And not flinch back from doing my part;
To bring forward that day when by Your grace,
All men's hearts are ruled by Christ's love.

* * * * *

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