Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer For September 12: Prayer For On An Ordinary day.

Daily Prayer
September 12
This prayer for the day of September 12 is written by a poet of faith and though it is written like a poem it is full of expressions of devotion and service to God.

It may serve as a guided prayer by reading it over a few times and then praying in your own words the thoughts it expresses.

You may bookmark this page or print a copy for your personal use.
I hope it is a blessing on your day.


Prayer For On An Ordinary Day
Prayer for September 12

Thank you, O God, Heavenly Father,
For all of my life’s countless blessings.
What good I have comes only from You,
Everything I do is by Your strength.
Prepare me for today’s work and tasks,
May I see Your hand in each moment,
Bless the plans You have for me this day,
And if You please grant me some success.
If trouble and strife are best for me
Make me faithful through the ordeal;
But if I stumble pardon my sins,
And overrule all of my mistakes.
Help me make choices that keep Your will,
And make me be ready to serve You.
May I be a blessing to others,
May I show them kindness and patience.
Make me to be a light among men
And a helper to those who have need.
May I give of myself as You did.
Let Your Word be a light to my path.*
Help me love You with all of my heart;
And to serve You with all of my might.
And honor You with all of my praise.

*Psalm 119:105

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