Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A Poem


To cross the street at noontime is
A simple and yet risky task.
We would not halt partway to think
What just one misstep would bring.
We do a run with a light trot
In a race against quick guesses
Of timing from one car to next.
We can’t dither midway in spite
Of drivers honking distractions
Looking both ways- twice and again;
Measuring shrinking space between
The old city bus on the left
And the u-haul on the near right.
We can’t stall our stride to ponder
“When did they last go the break shop?”
Or “I hope that driver is awake.”
We make a final panicked dash
To cross the speeding cars blind course,
And slap a foot on the sidewalk.
No need to glance back where we came,
Without a break in our swift gait
We turn to pursue our own path,
Seeing now only the walkway
We forget to look that one way.

(c) Adron

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