Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dialogue With Jesus

“I give them eternal life and they shall never perish.”
Hey, Jesus, I’m not sure I heard you right.
Jesus, did you say, “I give them eternal life?”
Who are you, Jesus, to say such a thing?
Who are you to give out such riches?
Do you possess this Life to hand out at will?
Don’t you know only God can do that, Man.
Didn’t you mean you pay out eternal life?
You know to the deserving.
Or give it to those who merit it?
But I guess not because the greatest teacher who ever lived
Would have said paid, or earned, or merit,
so you must mean give it.
And Jesus you said. “Never perish.”
Don’t you know that would be eternal life?
Ok. Jesus, I get it. You are saying something big.
You do something only God can do. That is to give out eternal life.
You must be God to do that.
And if you are just giving it out that is fine with me.
Because that is the only way I will ever get it.
I will never earn, or merit, or deserve it.
And I like what you say, “Eternal life…. And they shall never perish.”
That makes it clear like you mean really eternal.
Like forever, like without end.
Since you are giving eternal life, Jesus, well. I’m ready.
You are giving it I will accept it.


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